Saturday, December 6, 2008


Having all the boys and then the girl, I've often been told, "well, she'll be a tomboy that's for sure with all of those brothers." To be honest it annoyed me. I have enough boys!! I really want my girl, to be a girl and to like being a girl, and to like girlie kinda things!! I was then told by a friend, that she felt like it all depended on how she was raised. If she was raised being allowed to run around with all the boys, then she would probably be a tomboy, but if she was taught that ladies and girls are different in some of the things they do, then she should be fine.
Now with the boys, I've never ripped a doll out of their hands and screamed, "boys don't play with dolls son!" Usually if I found them with a doll in their hands, in the next minute or so, the doll would be strapped to the top of a remote control truck slamming into a tree. I've enjoyed watching how their interests naturally gravitate to masculine things.
With Ellie, I have noticed she likes baby dolls and teddy bears. I also have noticed she sure does like her brothers' rescue heroes and choo-choo trains.
Today as we were eating lunch, I looked at her and hanging out of her mouth was a plastic black widow spider about 6 inches across the middle!! That was not very feminine! However, the huge smile across her face (underneath the spider legs) was priceless. Maybe having a tomboy isn't so bad after all!!

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