Saturday, December 13, 2008


Kevin went out tonight, to go counsel a couple, take money to a single mom for food, and medicine to another single mom. He and Joey stopped and bought the largest family size value chicken (like a KFC bucket) with all the sides. Chris and Pamela have been coming with their daughters now for several weeks. Chris just got a job last week with a construction crew. He rides his bike everyday back and forth to work. It takes Kevin 20-30 minutes to drive from where he lives, to where he works and this man rides his bike. He cannot afford to take the bus. When Kevin got to the area where Chris lives, a 20 yr old man named Peirce, (who also has been coming for several weeks and just loves being saved) he tells Kevin he ran all the way down to see him. Kevin told him he had to go see Chris and Pamela...Peirce says, "alright, I'll go with ya!" (He loves being with Kevin) Kevin stashes all the chicken into a backpack, because a lot of kids have gathered around...and he bought this food for Chris. He gets to the house, and Chris is working late, not home yet. So Kevin pulls out all of the food. Pamela starts crying. She tells Kevin, "See, now I was telling God tonight how some things are just not right, and here you come with all of this food!" The Lord had used Kevin...he told me he felt really strong like he should take them dinner.
Remember Peirce is there too. Kevin says, "well Peirce, I'm sure we have enough, why don't you fix yourself a plate?" Pamela says, "Get me one of those plates..." She put 4-5 peices of chicken on it, about a third of each of the sides, 3 corn on the cobbs, and says to Peirce, "Here Peirce, take this to your family, I know they could use some too." Then she takes another plate loads it up with food, and calls for her nephew, who lives in another room in the same house..."Take this to your momma..." THEN she goes and wakes up her 2 little girls, who were asleep...but never had anything to eat. This just kills me!!! Here is this woman, who was crying out to God how this is just not right!! No food to feed her babies! She puts them to bed hungry, and here comes Kevin with all this food. The girls were already asleep when Kevin got there. (this part just grabs my heart and makes me cry) Then she gives over half of it AWAY!!! Before she wakes up her own kids to feed. If she had no food tonight, she'll probably have no food tomorrow either, yet instead of keeping it for leftovers, she gave it. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE SEEN CHRISTIANITY IN ACTION LIKE THIS...sad to say not even in my own life.

I am humbled, I am moved to tears, and I want to give everything I own to this woman. To give food to others....I just am amazed.

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