Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nice Baby

On our way back from our swimming today, Kevin showed me an area where he has been visiting and soul-winning. I go with him to one area, but there are two others where he and the boys go. So as we drive through this neighborhood, Kevin stops at this thing....(It looked like a container on the back of a semi-truck, but much smaller.) He tells me, he knows the woman who runs the place, a little snack shop that sold juice, cookies, and snacks. I told him "I'm not going in there! I don't know those people!" He told me, he'd been in there several times, and the same woman was always in there, just go in there, get a drink and tell her Brother Kevin said Hi.

Out I go, to the entrance,(there was no door). I walk up the metal steps through a narrow doorway. Maybe 2 feet in front of me is a metal grate that goes the length of this shack, on the other side you can see the cookies, and chips hanging, and drinks on a little shelf about eye level. Lest you think this a small Wal-greens, or dairy mart....ummm no!! There may have been 4 different snacks TOTAL and 4 or 5 drinks THAT IS IT!! As my eyes adjust to my surroundings, and I'm trying to decide what to get, there is a man in front of me, and two men to my right, that smell strongly of gangha, (Jamaican for weed ladies!) I look calmly to my left for the nice lady....and I am greeted by a tall man holding a little girl. YAY ANOTHER FEMALE!! (****reminder:all these men are black!!)

I look to my right at one of the overly friendly faces I saw when I walked in, and asked, "Do you work here?"
he smiled (of course) "No baby, he does" and points to my left.
I look at the man with the baby, order some cookies, pay him, thank him, get my change, and turn to walk out.

The man by the door, looks at me and smiles as I go by and says, "Nice. Nice baby, nice" and just keeps smiling and staring at me!!
As I walked past him, I said, "ah, thanks? BYE!"
he keeps smiling and says"YAH BABY!"
I could see Kevin in the car the whole time. He thought I was having a nice conversation with the "lady". I got in the car, smacked him and thanked him for sending me into a place full of black men on dope! When I told him about the "nice baby nice nice" comment, I thought he was going to cry!! He was laughing so hard!!
Then he had the nerve to say, "she wasn't in there?"

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