Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lord, may my eyes affect my heart.

Today our whole family went visiting in a mountain village called Stoney Hill. On our way to the village, we saw a sign for a children's home, drove through it, talked to an adult and found out it was an orphanage. Pray we might be able to hold some meetings there.

When we got to Stoney Hill, we parked the car and all got out. From the road, all you could see was a couple of shabby buildings, (the size of the bathroom in the lobby at HAC)....and a small trail going in between.
People were EVERYWHERE!! Walking on the road, standing all around, coming, going....EVERYWHERE!! We followed this dirt trail, and soon it shot up at an angle, with little steps. Dogs and cats were coming and going, and at one point Joey says, "HEY MOM LOOK!!" And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Not Santa, but a little goat, nibbling on a banana leaf?!?! As Kevin talked to some stoned looking men, me and the boys stood around talking to the children who ride the bus. Derek pointed up and said, "Spiders mom!" Sure enough, right above our heads were stretched 4 or 5 electric wires, and dozens of spiders perched on their webs, spread thick between the wires, with flies and bugs trapped and suspended....RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD!" I quickly stepped to the very edge of the trail, just as one of the boys (not mine) found a web, with a spider connected, and began to play with the spider!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!

We continued up the trail, and were met by a group of 5 or 6 twenty somethings sitting around. Kevin greeted them, gave them tracts and invited them to church this week, and on we went. Soon there were tin fences of every size shape and color lining our little trail on both sides. Every now and then, there would be a gap in the tin, and there would be a little block shack. As far as you could see, there were trails and shacks, tin fences, and thick vegetation.

I was amazed that people could live here. We spoke to some people. I witnessed to two ladies (who had already come to the church and were already saved) and I thought to myself...."How many villages are there of this magnitude and size...around the world? How many people walk dirty little trails, littered with garbage, every single day of their life....around the world? How many children know the mountain trails like the back of their hand, but know nothing of Christ? And where are the Christians? Where are the ONLY people in the world, who can give them hope? Their only hope is of eternal could never "fix" their poverty, you could never "fix" all of their struggles and heartaches, you could only give them hope of a different life in Heaven... yet where are the Christians? How many villages around the world, sit hopeless without a single wittness?"

I will be going back every Friday with Kevin. My children will see poverty and want...and so will I. May my eyes affect my heart, and change me, that I may never be the same again.

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