Saturday, December 6, 2008


Have you ever smelled sunshine? To me sunshine is the smell of a toddlers hair, nuzzled up against my face, warm and sweet from playing outside after lunch. A big hug with every inch of a little boys arms wrapped around my neck, my cheek up against his cheek, smiling and laughing...the scent of his curly blonde hair, it's sunshine. Laying on an old quilt in the backyard, staring up at fluffy white clouds, seeing things together in the sky, you may smell it... sunshine. Or you may catch it's scent after a huge waterfight! When everyone is soaked and too tired to run, it's rays will wrap you in it's warmth and touch a baby's head with it's kiss...sunshine. A scent unlike any other. Have you taken the time to smell it? The scent will touch your soul with a warm joy to carry you through any day. Try it. Tousle your baby's hair out in the sun, and just breathe, I promise it will calm and refresh your spirit. Sunshine!

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