Saturday, December 13, 2008

Groceries to Bay Shore

Kevin and I were up all night thinking of Pamela...and her amazing Christ-like spirit. This morning, we were talking, and decided to take up groceries. We spent $75 USD. Bought a lot of staples, rice, flour, sugar, butter. 12 packs of ramen noodles. A couple of whole Chickens, mackerel, salt fish (they love it here), spice packets for the meat...some cookies for the kids, oatmeal and some other odds and ends.

Kevin said since there were 2 houses right in a row, (Peirce is one of them) We should divide out some for his family.

We carried it all up the mountain, (Joey and David carried it on their heads like the Jamaicans do) We took it into her house...a single room with 2 beds...a two burner stove in the corner, a dresser...and a small standing area. Kevin read to her Luke chapter 6, and explained to her how Christ-like her spirit is. He told her, that was why we brought the groceries. She rambled for a while (I couldn't understand much of what she said.) She had tears in her eyes, and she smiled a lot. I hugged her when we left.

When we went to Peirce's house...his mom was also in tears. She talked about how difficult the government makes it on the poor. They create no jobs, then they put a large fee to be paid for the schooling of the children...and then the food is so expensive! She said it has been "ummm about 2 years since I've had a chicken" her exact words. She works , her husband works, and Peirce works, when they can find work...I buy a chicken like EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! SOMETIMES TWO!! It just blows my mind away, that anyone can be so destitute they cannot afford a CHICKEN!!!

It is good to be used, to provide such basic needs to others. My husband is so amazing to me...He really loves people...He had to leave the line at the grocery store, he was in tears thinking about those little girls not having food to eat..."why is it that my children always have food to eat...and these children are put to bed hungry with no food?" was his question...

It's because of Christians in America who give to missions. That is THE ONLY REASON WHY! The only reason why we have food to eat, AND HAVE MONEY to fill another child's bellly. Thank you, for all of you who give.

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