Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morning snuggles

Nathan has become such a little cuddle bug. In the mornings, he curls right up next to me, and just sits there close by. I love it. My other boys, when they were old enough to walk and run....well, the cuddling pretty much stopped. Too much to see and do! David wakes up in the morning just ready to go conquer the day. I love it that Nathan, just wants to be close to me for a while.

Today, I was snuggling with him, and nuzzling his neck. He laughed and giggled pretty loud, so I growled and nuzzled. "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!"

He laughed louder....then he said,
"Don't eat me Mommy!!"
"OOOOOHHHHH but you taste so sweet!!" (nuzzle nuzzle, growl...)
"But Mommy..." he stopped giggling,"you can't eat me..."
"How come?"
"I have bones!!" And then the nuzzling stopped, because I was laughing so hard! Ah the wonder of a preschoolers mind! Gotta love it!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My little Nathan just loves trains. For his last birthday, and even Christmas, we find any gift that has to do with Thomas the tank, because we KNOW, he will really like it! He especially loves Thomas's friend Toby. It's funny, because he knows every other engine and character by name. He even knows some Thomas the tank songs. I love to watch him playing with his wooden train tracks...lost in his own little imagination of clickety-clack and friendly little engine songs.

Last night in devotions, as we were praying...it was Nathan's turn. He began to pray for "Duncan and Toby...and for Thomas and Percy...." He even prayed that they would go to heaven someday. Although we have told him, it is just for fun...in his mind, they are friends of his. He likes to play with them, and pretend. I love this age...so fun and playful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing with fire

A couple of summers ago, Kevin showed the boys the wonder of a magnifying glass in the summer sun. I believe he scorched a couple of ants, caught something on fire, and made a mark on his own hand. They never really have tried to do any of it on their own...until today.

It was a beautiful day outside, almost springlike. The boys did their Saturday chores, then played outside ALL DAY! It was great. At lunch time, I tried and tried to yell for them, and get them to come home but they couldn't hear me. Kevin has a special whistle for them, and it carries a long distance, but I cannot whistle the way he does. Finally nature called, and David had to come home. I looked out the window to see he and Nathan walking across the field carrying sticks. It was so cute to me. I tucked that one away in my memory bank. The older boys came in about 30 minutes later, grabbed their sandwiches and juice and went back outside. I never saw them again until dinner time.

They all came in just full of energy and excited. Of course they all start talking at once about their adventures, and someone says, "Joey burned Derek's bum! And Derek burned Joey's bum too!" Yes they did. They took the magnifying glass, and the other bent over very still, while the sun began to do it's work. Amazing. It works every time! Derek was describing to me what it felt like. At first he said, you couldn't feel anything, then it would get a little warmer, a little MORE warmer, then YYYYOOOOUUUUCCHHHH! I just shook my head, crazy boys! I can just see them trying that one! Joey had found a pair of gloves, put them on, and burned a whole in each one, I'm surprised they didn't catch the woods on fire! It's great having boys, they're so creative too. I am always amazed at the things they come up with and attempt...things that I would never have tried.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A dirty mirror

We have a full length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. The little ones love to go play right in front of it. It seems so pointless to even once a day wipe off the fingerprints, because right away...there they are again. Truth be known, I love finding little fingerprints. It reminds me we have little people here...and I do like little ones.

I was praying this morning, and telling the Lord about my weakness. You know, the one weakness that crops up it's ugly head...unexpectedly, and takes you by surprise? Yep, that's the one. I told the Lord my sins reminded me of the dirty mirror, with smudges and prints all over it. How thankful I am, that He wiped them away. Yet it seems that as soon as I remind myself I am forgiven, there are a couple of new smudges that I had not seen before. Thus it goes. I feel like sometimes this one particular weakness is more than a smudge though, it's more like a scratch right in the glass. Every time you look into the mirror, there it is, and it never goes away. "Oh Lord, will I ever get the victory? Will this weakness forever be etched upon me?! Can you fix and mend a marred piece of glass?" I prayed.

And from that thought I realized...
I see now just how much I need God's strength, for the "scratch" in the glass is ever before me. I see it on a regular basis. Each time I confess the "smudges" of sin...I also pray for strength to gain the victory over the huge "scratch" glaring back at me from the glass. Praise the Lord for our weaknesses, for it shows us how much we really do need God in our lives!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boys will be boys...I guess!!

Joey, Joey, Joey....

(sigh)...I hesitate to share this, but just had to write it down so I would remember. Especially when he is a teenager. I will use this someday...to my advantage.

I'm sitting on the couch after dinner, reading. Everyone is busy playing or coloring. Joey, rushes in the room, jumps in the air shouting, "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!" Wondering what in the world is he up to now...I look up, just in time to see him turn around, bend down, and pass gas VERY LOUD...before laughing hysterically and running out of the room!!


I realize I will probably NEVER KNOW...and probably do not want to know!! However, with Joey, he probably came up with it himself.

Kevin had a nice long talk with all of the boys before bedtime. Appropriateness and manners were RETAUGHT. They were told, "If you have to pass gas, you quietly go to the bathroom and do it...you don't run into a room and announce it!!"

After bedtime, when all the boys were going to sleep, I am not kidding you...

We'd here some giggling....then a boy would come running out of the room with a huge smile on his face, run into the bathroom, close the door...and pass gas...then run out laughing and jump into bed!!! Not quite what we had in mind. I think everyone except Derek got up a couple of times to run to the bathroom.

Today, poor Joey...he got in a hurry to run to the bathroom and pass gas. He jumped up, ran to the bathroom, opened the door, stuck his HEAD in the bathroom (with the rest of his body in the hall)...then passed gas in the hallway. I was laughing so hard I was near to tears!! Actually the whole family was laughing, (you can see the bathroom door from the living room).

Oh yes, I will use this story in the future I am sure of it!!


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