Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Righteous Navy

My boys love the Discovery Channel. Actually we all do. We like the explorer stuff. Alaska, the desert, the jungle, all the neat places we'll never go, it's great fun to see. One of the programs is done by a man named Bear. There are days when my Joey will dress up like Bear, who usually wears khaki's of some shade, and a baby blue or white shirt. I've come home from grocery shopping and found Joey running around in his one and only white dress shirt, and blue dress pants exploring the world through his imagination.

I decided that instead of stunting their imagination and not allowing them to play in dress clothes, I would go to the Salvation Army and get some old stuff for them to play in. I told them earlier in the evening where we would be going and why. They were all so excited! Right before we loaded up in the van, Joey asked me, "Mom, are we still going to the ummm...the Righteous Navy store?"

I actually had to think for a second, what was he talking about? Then I remembered Righteous-Salvation, Navy-Army...a little mixed up I guess. Same difference though right?

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