Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presents for Jesus

Today for our family day, we sat down and discussed our plans for this year's "Happy Birthday to Jesus" present. Each year our family adopts a family, (one year it was an orphanage in Mexico) and we do Christmas for them. Since we are on a very poor field this Christmas, we really couldn't pick just one family. So we decided to do Christmas for all the children who come to our church.

We guessed an average of 40 children come regularly. And off we went shopping. The boys did so well today. Helping pick out toys, bringing me things to see if we could get it...a lot of times it was just PERFECT, I just hadn't seen it yet!

As we were checking out at one store, a man came to the register (he worked at the store), and asked if we were toy shopping. Since we had all of our children with us, he asked who we were shopping for. Kevin explained what we were doing. The man said, "That's really odd, because just last night I was thinking I needed to do something for some children this Christmas!"

Come to find out, he is related to the owner of the store, and I think he was the store manager! He got our name, number, and address, so hopefully we will be hearing from him soon!

I love it when you can see God's guiding hand in everyday life. We could've been there earlier or later, and not even seen that man. God is so good to us

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