Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thomas the Tank

Nathan began the day, wanting to go potty!! I was so excited! Praise begat praise and Nathan was grinning from ear to ear! Out came the Thomas the Tank big boy underwear. Just a few short minutes later, I saw him walking around and they were a little crooked... somehow? I then realized, he was SOOO excited that he kept going in the bathroom, taking them off, sitting down for a few seconds, flushing, putting Thomas back on, (inside out and crooked), and repeating the whole process several times! At one point Kevin was trying to fix little Nathan's crooked "Thomas the tank", and he was crying. After watching and trying to figure out what was upsetting him so much, (he does not talk yet) we realized he wanted to see "Thomas the tank" except the picture was on the back side of his underwear! Of course Kevin was trying to put them on the right way, and Nathan was not too happy about it! Finally we decided if it didn't bother him to have his underwear on backwards all day, then it wouldn't bother us either! Off he walked happy as a clam. Did I mention, he has a tendency to sneak outside when no one is looking? (I once found him in the van, with the keys in the ignition, the van running, windshield wipers on, pretending to drive.) So if you see a little boy with his underwear on backwards running through the neighborhood, he's mine!

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