Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dating my boys

Today was my date with David. We drove down to a Hagen Daas, and had ice cream and coffee. I took his reading books with me, and we did some schoolwork too. It was fun. Then we walked over to the drugstore, looked at neat things, puzzles, books, Christmas decorations, then toys. As always on a date with one of the boys, they get a little gift, and a peice of candy. I got David a puzzle about David and Goliath, and a cell phone with gum in it. On the way home, I told him about all the things I love so much about him.

Before too many years pass by, I don't think they will enjoy their time with me quite so much. I really want to seize the time now while they are young, and do everything I can with them. We cook together, clean together, go out together, sing together...I guess these are the "Together Years". I never want to get too busy to enjoy these simple, but busy days when they are small.

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