Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jamaican Snack

When the mission group was here, Pastor Kimmel took them to an island and they all went snorkeling. Me and the kids didn't go, but Kevin brought them back a cup full of 12 little hermit crabs. They boys have loved playing with them! I took some huge preschool leggos and made a maze out of them, then we put the crabs in the maze and watched them all run around trying to get out! Great fun!

A few days later, David was making a maze while I was cleaning. He told me he was going to get a couple of crabs, then came in with the crabs and a 3 inch dead flying cockroach. (Huge wings) Since it was dead I kinda ignored him...he thought the crabs would try to eat it. When the crabs were not interested, David took the roach out of the maze and laid it on the floor.

Fast forward a few minutes....

I had just put some clothes away, and walked into the room, and saw Ellie chewing on something. At her age, she is always putting something into her mouth! So I swiped her mouth, and she screamed and cried, while I pulled out a leg....of the roach!! I kept swiping, she kept screaming, and I retrieved another leg, several peices of the wings, and I think part of the head!! After all the trauma, (for Ellie and me) I decided, this would be a treat for some people...ya know, like beef jerky for time,I'll just hand it to her, " Here's your roach Ellie, come and get it!!"

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