Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

I have had them every day this WEEK!!! I cannot get enough of them! Yesterday I made a delicious roast, with carrots and potatoes...the house smelled wonderful! When Kevin walked in the door, I asked him, "How does the house smell?" expecting to hear how great dinner smelled. Instead, he laughed and said, "well, it smells like fried, burnt tomatoes!" We had a good laugh, and guess what, it STILL smells like that!

We have been struggling to figure out our new internet service these last couple of weeks. Evidently, we have a certain amount of mega bytes to use (greek to me), and we have no idea what uses how much mega it is a learning game right now.

We are preparing to start another school year, have a baby, and move to another country afterwards....lots to do lately!

I'd like to post pictures soon of the children and some of their summer time fun. Hopefully it will not take up too many of those mega byte thingies!!

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  1. You are always so refreshingly witty!

    Love ya!




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