Thursday, July 30, 2009


33 weeks along. That should explain the title of this blog entry. When I was younger, (ahem), I knew that in these last days of pregnancy the inescapable "waddle" took over my body. I would fight the urge to just let my body move naturally...because it certainly didn't LOOK natural. I have found that is painful NOT to waddle. So I walk slowly...or should I say I waddle slowly. I've always thought it was cute to watch a woman late in her pregnancy. There she is...ALL OF HER. If she was standing still, you could sometimes catch a glimpse of the little one within bumping around for some more room. I love to feel my own wee one wiggling around. The other night I was playing with her...(did I tell you it is supposed to be another girl!!!) She would kick, and I would rub her little foot. Then she would kick again in the same spot...and I'd tickle her again. It was almost as if, she would pause for a moment...wondering what it was that she was feeling...then she'd kick again. I do love these last days...but it sure is tiring on this body of mine.

Some of my maternity clothes have almost become immodest to wear, I'm getting huge now! Those of you who have had large mammoth sized babies know what I am referring to! Mrs. Joyce Nymeyer bought me a beautiful outfit with one of my winter pregnancies...and I still remember the day, the skirt was too tight to wear...I think it was an XL. That baby was weighed in at 9lbs 14oz, one potato shy of a 10lb potato bag. I've never looked at a sack of potatoes the same since that baby! Of course my little sweet angel Ellie, was 10lbs 40z....a little more than a sack of potatoes. How odd that I would compare my babies to a sack of potatoes!

We have moved into a 4 bedroom 2 bath apartment, PRAISE THE LORD! Much roomier I must say. We also have a washer and dryer in the unit, so this is VERY NICE! I about have things back in order and organized. So for the past week or so, that is where I have been, moving. Our internet was just switched on this week, so I should be keeping up with you more. Of course, It may not be too fast...because I am only waddling at this point.


  1. So glad you have moved in and getting settled..
    How exciting for the baby to be waddling along
    with you!! lv-nancy

  2. Glad you are in a more spacious living space, Amy ... glad, too, you have Internet back on. I have missed you. Looking forward to when your baby arrives and seeing pictures of her. : )

  3. I am so happy for you, Amy! Can't wait to hear about your new lil' girl!

  4. Wow! I know people have probably been saying this to you already, but 33 weeks have gone by quickly - for me! Congratulations on another girl! I didn't know you were expecting a girl, and I'm thrilled for both you and Ellie to have another gal in the family. And I'm happy you have a roomier place to live as well. Where are you located at this time?
    Bless you!

  5. What a sweet family you have. My name is Kris. I go to Julie Fink's church, the best church and the best pastor's wife in the whole world. Do you home school?

  6. So glad you have a nice big apt.!! I can't tell you how many times I've thought of your whole family living at City Baptist and was overwhelmed with gratitude for our adorable little house with more room than we actualy need!

    And waddle away, girl! Every mother out there understands!!

    ~Kayte McCoy

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  8. Amy!
    So happy about the bigger space. God used you on this end to help me through our home remodel. Those days where I feel like the house is going to swallow me whole, I think of you in that tiny place & grin. If Amy can do it, so can I! ;)

    Glad for you to be nearing the end (of your pregnancy, I mean.) Praise the Lord for another girl. We are praying often for seizure free & for the move coming up. I hope you can feel our prayers. Go ahead & waddle ~ I promise not to quack. (Jack was 10 lbs & Katie 9lbs 12 oz ~ been there)
    Love you much ~ Say hello to the boys from our boys if you will.



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