Sunday, August 9, 2009

Princess Potato Salad

I was recently making potato salad for a picnic.
As usual,
Whenever I am in the kitchen doing ANYTHING...there is my little shadow, curious and interested in whatever it is I am doing....and I LOVE IT! I set her up on the counter so she could see all the action. The potatoes, the eggs, the mixing and peeling. She was very intrigued, but mostly in the eggs, so I began to show her how to peel them...and she copied.

To me, it was very cute that she noticed where I was putting
the peeled egg shells, and she began to put them exactly where I was putting them. Notice the little hole her finger created...
Momma's little helper, my official "Princess Potato Salad"!!
Ahhhh, potato salad never tasted so good!!


  1. How precious! She is a doll! It was so good seeing you yesterday at church!lv-nancy

  2. How sweet, wow seeing your little one with you sure brings back memories when Tabitha was that age. Now she's going off to college in just one short yr! We're cherrishing every min. we have!

  3. I love the pictures - getting a peek at a very pregnant, yet pretty you and your sweet, sweet little copycat. Aren't girls just so much fun?

  4. hello my name is Joanne and i was looking at your post what a loving post. It bring back memories for me aswell i have 3 children my daughter is 19,and my sons are 17,13 so enjoy them while you can. I just wanted you to know i have a blog aswell its i haven't got pic on yet i am so new to this my pastor wife Mrs Jennie walter help me with this blog I will post pic soon. have a nice day and god bless you and your family.



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