Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My big helpers!!

Kevin left 2 days ago, to make a trip to Belize. His main purpose while down there is to secure housing for us when we move in November. I am anxiously awaiting an e-mail with pictures!

The morning he left I sat the boys down for a chat. I told them that I am very pregnant right now, and I cannot do all that I normally do...as quickly as I normally do, and that I needed them to help me out. I gave each boy 2 simple chores. Derek (10) is to help with dishes, and to help David with his chores. Joey, (8) cleans the bathroom and his bedroom, David (6) is to vacume the dining room and living room, and to pick up things in the living room that do not belong. Many toys and coloring things tend to accumulate in the living room...thus Derek was assigned to help David, if the clutter was too overwhelming. Nathan, (4) is to pick up the shoes at the door and put them away, and to help Mommy get the clothes out of the dryer.

I also told them I was going to make a chart to check off their jobs. On the chart next to their name is a blank square. In that blank square I am keeping track of anything they do EXTRA each day that I do not have to ask them to do. They may not come up to me and TELL me what they have done, I must notice it on my own. Each mark will count as a merit. At the end of the 10 days, whichever child has the most merits will go out with Mommy on a special date, and will get a special toy.

Let me tell you...it has been truly amazing! I was only up for 15 minutes, and went to my room to get something. Derek had already went in there and made up my bed! After breakfast this morning while everyone was busy with their chores, Joey grabbed a broom and began to sweep the kitchen floor. I walked into Ellie's room to get something, and David was in there tidying up, and then he vacumed everyone's bedroom! They really like this!! And it sure makes things a little bit easier on me!

I usually take one of the boys with me at some time during the week when Kevin is home. They all seem to enjoy time out with just Mom. I really am amazed at how well they like this little merit contest.


  1. That is really exciting! The merits system does work wonderfully!
    How much longer till your due date?
    Praying for your husband while he's gone and for you and kids!

    Paula :)

  2. What a wise lady you are!! This is a great lesson for your children. If you need help
    errands; children please let us know. we are here. lv-nancy

  3. You are full of great ideas, Amy! I long for those times when my boys do something without being asked! :)



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