Saturday, August 22, 2009

My strength is made perfect... weakness.

A hard lesson to learn. At times I think I'm learning it AGAIN in a different way in my life. I feel as if lately, I've had to lay aside what I felt were my own "strengths" order to be stripped away from my comfort zone, and left with nothing around me but my own glaring weaknesses. Then my analytical mind would kick into overdrive. "Perhaps, the Lord...." or "Maybe God is trying to..."...when really I just need to allow myself to be led, down this path of weakness, down this trail of "no strengths". But what are we to do....when we are weak....when we have no strength of our own to fall back on...when we are put into a position where our strength is not needed...not wanted...not used? Are we to try and focus on other areas of our life, and strengthen them? I have felt as I have been going through this time...that I am to simply rest, and be led. To rest in the knowledge that my Father has a plan that I cannot see. I may not understand where He is leading me, but I do know that He is leading. To be content, to see my strengths, or what I felt were my strengths...sitting unused, because it is what the Lord would have for me right now. I may not know why, or understand what work He is trying to grow in me...but I can trust that He knows what is best. His strength IS made my weakness. And isn't that what I would want anyways? To have HIS strength and not my own? To yield my way unto HIS way? To let go, and let God? To surrender, even the areas that I am strong be weak and in need of His strengthening? Although it is a difficult lesson to be in the midst of, I believe I would want to learn it again and again and again throughout my life. To simply be reminded of how needy I truly am...of Him.


  1. I think you are very wise! I have been there
    before....I looked for you at church and have something to give you. lv-nancy

  2. Hmmm... I needed that. I am there myself. Are you tag teaming with God to teach me something!!?!! Okay, okay I get it! ;)




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