Thursday, January 8, 2009

The still small voice.

David has come to me two days in a row now. Both times he had been playing outside, both times he had a very saddened look on his face. Both times he said, he heard someone in his heart telling him to leave his family. He didn't want to leave his family, but this "voice" kept talking to his heart. After a discussion on Samuel and David in the Bible...I told him, "The Lord may be talking to your heart, but he doesn't want you to leave NOW...he just wants you to know that He is speaking to you...and He wants to know that you hear HIM. "

It is an odd thing to see one so young, concerned because God is speaking to him. We have never talked to the boys about God speaking inside of your heart. We've taught them many things, but never specifically this thing. It frightens me. It reminds me that God has chosen all of my children for a very special purpose, that I know nothing of. This causes me to tremble, thinking that I have in my home a servant of Almighty God, and though still a child, God has great plans for him. How I long to be a Godly mother, and point my children to the Lord.

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