Wednesday, January 21, 2009


All of the children were laying on their bellies coloring this was playing, everyone was happy. I looked up and this is what I saw:

Derek had taken one of Kevin's socks, stuffed Ellie's dolly into it, then tied it to a coat hanger...and hung the poor thing from the curtain rod! Ellie didn't even notice until we pointed it out to her. Her reaction was quite funny...she looked up and smirked like she was thinking, "Now Baby, how DID you get up there?" Then she ran towards the baby doll with her hands stretching up trying to save her.

Having a girl after all of these boys sure is interesting!

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  1. I remember our boys doing something like that to one of Victoria's dolls. I think she wasn't as easygoing as Ellie about it though! :-)

    That reminds me of when there was an Elmo being hung from one of the girls' dorm windows in college. Do you remember that? I forget who did that, but it was funny. It seemed like every day Elmo was in a different position.



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