Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ellie's Lizard

As I walked into the kitchen to start supper....peering at me with little black eyes...was a lizard. He was sitting on my clean dishes. He didn't move. I screamed for Derek a couple of times, and then he came running. He grabbed a gallon pitcher and scooped him up, and put the lid on. The menacing thing was about 4 inches long, and 1inch wide. Just creepy. Funny my boys are always catching these things and chasing them...but they give me the willeys! (Whatever willeys are?) Nathan discovered the little guy and started carrying around the pitcher. That's fine, as long as he leaves the lid on right? But then, how can he see him? So off the lid comes. I walked into another room to get something, and when I walked back into the kitchen...Ellie had the pitcher. Her entire HEAD WAS IN THE PITCHER!!! She was giggling! I was not. My only little girl is NOT GOING TO LIKE LIZARDS!! Yet, there she was...face in pitcher...making friends with a reptile. Not good. If that wasn't bad enough, she held the pitcher with one hand, smiled up at me, and then stuck her hand INTO THE PITCHER WITH THAT BEAST!!! I was shreiking at this point, yelling for Derek...I just couldn't touch it!! Then...THEN...SHE DID IT....she grabbed the lizard and pulled him out of the pitcher. And there she was. My princess, my angel, my one girl, with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her little face. The kind of smile, where the eyebrows lift up, and the eyes almost jump out at you. There she was, with that smile....and a lizard in her hand. Precious.

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  1. I kept waiting for you to say that she put it in her mouth! :0 That wasn't too bad for her to touch it, but yeah, I would've been worried about her head in the pitcher!



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