Monday, January 5, 2009

My little monkeys

The boys have just adapted so well to Jamaica. It amazes me. Of course I should've known!! Lizards, moutain trails, wild fruit growing everywhere...besides all of the little girls chasing them just to rub their head! They love to rub the "white boys" heads, and touch their skin. Poor Ellie has been pinched by nursery babies many times. Babies who may have never seen a white baby before.

It has been a time of learning for them as well. They have seen poverty first hand. They have held the babies that have no food. They have seen the one room where an entire family sleeps. They have walked the mountain trails, with bags of food to feed the poor...the poor. I mean really poor. Not "American" poor. Not lazy. Men, building apartments, mixing the mortar in a whell barrow. Carrying cinderblocks, passing them up, to form a wall. Men digging with doing anything they can to buy for their family. Selling tangerines walking from car to car for hours. Men painting on the side of the road...hoping someone, anyone, will buy one of their paintings. Even the women are hard workers. They come to the market on Monday...some sleep in the market until Saturday, then ride the bus home. The Jamaican people are hard workers, but they are still very poor.

It has been good. My children have learned through seeing. Hopefully they will never forget.

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