Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life as viewed from a sardine can

Right now our family of seven is living in a two bedroom apartment. My husband said it is roughly 900 square feet. It has been an adjustment for us all. Before, there was always somewhere to go if someone was annoying someone else...just to be alone for a while. It is pretty nigh impossible here! I have found as well, that, with boys, they like to have their own space. It doesn't matter how big or small, just something to "rule" over. Their own territory. Joey has designated the top of his dresser as his area. He has an elaborate display of his toys that are "untouchable" to his brothers...all piled on top of one another. Oh the arguments that has caused.

It seems like whenever I am in the little kitchen, there is always a baby, (Ellie) or Nathan holding onto my legs or getting their little hands in something they should not be in. My counter to prepare meals consists of the top of a microwave cart...pretty small.

I've always been pretty adaptable. I tell myself, this is only temporary, I can handle this. Does it really matter if I only have a small space for a few months? No. I can make it work. I just wonder on some days if I will still have my sanity!!

Last night Kevin was playing with all of the children. Derek was giving piggy back rides to Ellie and Nathan. Their were children EVERYWHERE it seemed...all laughing and having fun with each other. Ellie couldn't figure out which back was the one she was supposed to climb onto. I loved just watching them all play and laugh.

For bedtime, we have one bunkbed for the older boys. Then we place a twin mattress and a crib mattress on the floor, and the other two boys sleep there. It's perfect. Everyone has their own little bed, blanket and pillow. Ellie sleeps in her pack and play right next to our bed. At night time before I go to sleep, I always go and check on the children. I see them all sleeping peacefully....bodies and beds everywhere, and I smile. Ellie wakes me up in the morning by touching me (yes, her bed is RIGHT next to me), and I am happy. I'm thankful for my family, thankful for my children, and thankful for a nice place to live.

Although we are pretty tight in this little place, there are moments when I is good to be all together, squished but happy in our little sardine can.

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  1. I love the new look of your blog. How did you add pictures to the title at the top? It looks so great. You are an amazing woman. You have such a great attitude!



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