Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boys will be boys...I guess!!

Joey, Joey, Joey....

(sigh)...I hesitate to share this, but just had to write it down so I would remember. Especially when he is a teenager. I will use this my advantage.

I'm sitting on the couch after dinner, reading. Everyone is busy playing or coloring. Joey, rushes in the room, jumps in the air shouting, "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!" Wondering what in the world is he up to now...I look up, just in time to see him turn around, bend down, and pass gas VERY LOUD...before laughing hysterically and running out of the room!!


I realize I will probably NEVER KNOW...and probably do not want to know!! However, with Joey, he probably came up with it himself.

Kevin had a nice long talk with all of the boys before bedtime. Appropriateness and manners were RETAUGHT. They were told, "If you have to pass gas, you quietly go to the bathroom and do don't run into a room and announce it!!"

After bedtime, when all the boys were going to sleep, I am not kidding you...

We'd here some giggling....then a boy would come running out of the room with a huge smile on his face, run into the bathroom, close the door...and pass gas...then run out laughing and jump into bed!!! Not quite what we had in mind. I think everyone except Derek got up a couple of times to run to the bathroom.

Today, poor Joey...he got in a hurry to run to the bathroom and pass gas. He jumped up, ran to the bathroom, opened the door, stuck his HEAD in the bathroom (with the rest of his body in the hall)...then passed gas in the hallway. I was laughing so hard I was near to tears!! Actually the whole family was laughing, (you can see the bathroom door from the living room).

Oh yes, I will use this story in the future I am sure of it!!


  1. Oh, that is so funny. It made me really laugh. Boys!!! That's all I can say!

  2. I just laughed out loud the whole time I read this topic. Wish you would've seen my post about this one. Logan is at the stage where he wants to announce it each time it happens! He comes smiling to me and shouts loudly, "I tooted!" in a sing-song voice. Must be a boy thing! LOL Yep!



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