Saturday, February 21, 2009


I do love balloons. They are so nice for a party of any kind. My children all love balloons too. We had 8 for David's party, the helium ones. For a few days now, they've been floating around through the different rooms like part of the family. Today was their farewell day...farewell to the helium that made them so perky and fun.
I heard all kinds of commotion during Ellie's nap, (my nap too!). I peeked out the door to see what was happening, and there were the 3 older boys and Kevin on his knees, playing volleyball with 5 balloons!! They were having a great time! This evening after baths, I was getting clothes out for church and here they come....the fat, waddling, and lopsided little boy bellies. They stuffed balloons in their shirts and pants, and were bumping into each other. All the laughing and fun got Ellie's attention, and then she brought me a balloon. I was interested to see what she would do, so I took the balloon and said, "Thank you sissy!!" She mumbled something in her little baby way, then lifted her shirt!! She wanted a lopsided belly too! So I stuffed a small balloon in her shirt and off she waddled, laughing like all the boys!

Isn't it amazing how children will just squeeze every ounce of fun from anything! Be it cardboard toilet paper tubes, deflated balloons, or a peice of gravel. I need to be more like that myself. I think I take myself too seriously sometimes. With all the responsibilities of running a I ever "squeeze" all the fun I can....out of anything? Do I ever laugh (like my children) to the point of loosing my breath and having to sit down for a minute? Somewhere along the road of life, I think I grew up too much. Pretty soon, my little ones will not be interested in balloons so much...and I'll remember when they were, and wish I had been.

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  1. Our kids love to play with balloons, too. They're a lot safer for breakable things than balls in the house! :-)



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