Friday, February 20, 2009

My little sweetness

There is nothing like having a girl. Especially after four boys...there is nothing that even comes close to the joy she brings to my life. She is the sunshine of my soul.

Tonight we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for the first time in months. We took up two tables...and they put us right up front for a nice "dinner show" for the other customers that were eating. I sat Ellie next to me on one side, David on the other. While we were looking at menus and deciding what to order, she kept putting her hand on my arm. I'd look at her to see if she was trying to get my attention, she wasn't. She just laid her hand on my arm, and was looking around the restaurant. When I buttered her corn muffin, and handed it to her, she kept touching my arm as she was eating. Just loving me.

When we were done eating, she was looking around at the tables around us...smiling at the people, making friends...all the while resting her hand on my arm. I love that girl.


  1. It IS so nice having a girl after all boys. Victoria is so affectionate, too. Just completely different personality than the boys. Even though she's almost 7, she's still so cuddly and sweet. What a sweet story with Ellie! She sounds like such a sweetie pie.



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