Friday, February 20, 2009

David's Pet

We finally had some time this evening to celebrate David's 6th Birthday. He was so excited! We invited some children that were in his Sunday School class. I bought him this huge birthday hat and a pin that said, "Birthday Boy". We always decorate a special chair with balloons and streamers. I love red streamers, I think they are my favorite....I like them especially if they are paired with the bright yellow streamers. I found these streaky colored helium balloons too...very festive looking! I am not a very good birthday cake I bought one! It looked like a cake, but was actually cupcakes that were just completely covered in frosting and decorations...again, very festive! He was just sooooo excited! A party for him and friends coming over!!

We decided since we couldn't get a puppy, we'd get him a hamster. I had him in his little box he came in, inside of a gift bag, with tissue paper. Then I put the entire bag in Ellie's pack and play. Right before we opened gifts, Kevin went to check on our rodent. Well, let's just say he was GONE....and had chewed his way through the box! So with all of our party guests waiting on us and eating cake, Kevin, Derek and I were on our hands and knees in my room trying to catch the little varmint! We finally chased him into a wipe box and closed the lid.

We have taught our children manners about opening gifts. We've told them to be thankful, regardless of what the gift shouting, "but I already have THIS!!" thankful and say Thank You! So after David opened all of his gifts from his guests, we handed him a wrapped bag of liner for the hamster cage. It looked like a bag of hay. The kid smiled from ear to ear, hugged the bag and said "Thank you" with a huge cheesy smile!! We then gave him a hamster ball...and he wasn't quite sure what it was. When we gave him the hamster...he saw the little paws through the wipe box...and just stared for a second or two. Once I opened the box though, he was ecstatic. We set up the cage, and he has been staring at it, petting it, and trying to get it used to him all night. He really likes it. Tomorrow is naming day.


  1. How fun! I've thought of doing a hamster or something for the boys, but don't want to be the one cleaning out the cage!

    How cute that he loved his little bag of hay! Ha! Love it!

  2. What a great story. Such a good little boy for being so thankful, too.



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