Sunday, July 5, 2009

Corn on the cobb

For the 4th of July we went to The Mock's house and had a cookout. The Mock's have 4 boys, so
all of the kiddos had a good time playing with swords and running around. Ellie and I stayed indoors with the other "women folk" and just chatted.

While getting some corn ready to cook, Ellie seemed pretty interested in helping. I gave her a peice of corn and was showing her how to shuck the cobb....

She was ready to jump right in and help....

She was fascinated that there was corn in the midst of all the
green stuff....then she ate nearly the entire ear of corn...raw!!


  1. you look so pretty in this picture! and your little girl is absolutely adorable too.

  2. Precious! I am so glad you had a nice time for
    the 4th!! lv-nancy

  3. Raw corn off the cob is delicious! Good for Ellie! :)

    When do you head to the Azores?

  4. Hello Amy!
    I found you from Daily Pleasures. I loved reading your back posts You definitely have a gift of words. You are looking great & congratulations on the new baby coming! My boys are often asking when your boys are coming here again. Now I can show them this.
    I laughed so hard about the lizrad. Katie's favorite toy is one of those stretchy lizards that stick to the wall. She carries it every where. Have a great day.
    Jennifer Schwarz



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