Saturday, March 28, 2009

My little Nathan just loves trains. For his last birthday, and even Christmas, we find any gift that has to do with Thomas the tank, because we KNOW, he will really like it! He especially loves Thomas's friend Toby. It's funny, because he knows every other engine and character by name. He even knows some Thomas the tank songs. I love to watch him playing with his wooden train tracks...lost in his own little imagination of clickety-clack and friendly little engine songs.

Last night in devotions, as we were was Nathan's turn. He began to pray for "Duncan and Toby...and for Thomas and Percy...." He even prayed that they would go to heaven someday. Although we have told him, it is just for his mind, they are friends of his. He likes to play with them, and pretend. I love this fun and playful.

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