Monday, September 14, 2009

Mother of all living...Eve

As my time for this new life draws nearer, my mind seems to wander to far off places and ponder questions I will never know the answers to. I was thinking tonight of Eve.

The Bible teaches that before the fall of man, that God walked in the garden with Adam and Eve, they talked and spent time together. After the fall, Adam and Eve were banished from the garden. We know that God still talked with them to some extent, because God asked Cain about Abel. We just don't know how often He talked with them, or what He actually said.

I was thinking about Eve getting ready to have her first child. Did she know there was a baby inside of her? I wonder if she thought that she would have a full grown person...birthed from her body? Did she know how it would happen? Did she know how long she was to be pregnant? Did she think perhaps she was sick...that she was dying? When labor began, did she even understand what was taking place?

I think that from her watching the animals give birth, she may have had some idea. Let's face it though, some animals give birth to several babies at once! Did Eve think she would have a litter of humans? I just wonder, how much she knew...and how much she didn't!

At the end of my pregnancies, I always feel like I don't want to go another day pregnant!! I wonder if Eve even knew how long she had? Did God teach her all the details? Was she informed?

I don't know any of these answers, but I do know, I'm glad I'm not Eve!!


  1. What good thoughts. I read a great study on the life of Eve through "ladies of grace". What an interesting lady to learn from lv-nancy

  2. You are so beautiful pregnant. You definitely have a "glow"! Praying for you as the day approaches. Love you!

  3. Amy Sue,
    Praying for you today, as you welcome your new little one. I pray for a healthy baby with no complications. May God grant you strength for today and the coming days of busyness and adjusting.


  4. I've been praying throughout the day for you and your little one. Hopefully, you are holding a healthy baby girl in your arms by tonight. :)
    Love, Amy

  5. Amy,
    Praying for you extra today.Prayers especially for a healthy baby with no epilepsy. Love , Jen

  6. Amy,
    Praying for you again this night and will be also tomorrow. Prayers that things will go well, and you will be given strength for the days ahead.




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