Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hannah Grace is here!

To all of my friends in blog-land..SHE IS HERE!

Hannah Grace Arthur arrived at 7:53am weighing 8lbs. 3oz., a "small baby" for me. The c-section went well...no problems or complications. When Hannah was born, she did need quite a bit of suctioning, as she had a lot of fluid inside of her lungs. This is pretty normal with c-section babies I am told. The fluid was clear, which is good too. Her breathing was shallow, and her oxygen levels are low, so they put her in the neo-natal unit and have been giving her oxygen. They also started her on a precautionary anti-biotic just in case the fluid does not clear up and she develops pneumonia. SHE DOES NOT HAVE PNEUMONIA...but it is a precautionary measure.

I have not been able to hold her yet. This is very hard for me. They do not want me nursing her until her oxygen levels are back up. This too, is difficult. Everything in me wants to go to her, scoop her up in my arms, nuzzle her sweet little neck, whisper loving words in her ear, and give her some warm Mommy's milk to fill her little belly. At this point though, I am not able to go anywhere either...I am still very dizzy even when sitting up. So here I am, without my little baby. And there she is...without her Mommy.

Please pray specifically....
That her oxygen levels would go up.
That I will be able to nurse her tomorrow.

Thank you all...


  1. I'll be praying. And a huge congratulations to you and Kevin!! I've been there with baby in one place and Mommy in the other and I remember that I felt so confused. I had never prepared myself for anything like that. Praying that little Hannah will be doing fine soon, drinking up her Mama's health milk and receiving all of those loving kisses.

  2. Praying for Hannah and for you! Congratulations on #6!!

  3. First of all Congratulations!!!

    Secondly, I know you're going crazy not being able to hold her and nurse her...I remember my arms literally ached when I longed to hold my babies and couldn't....it's a very unsetteling feeling....I hope you're able to do all of the above soon!

    Congrats, again!

  4. Congratulations! & Welcome,Hannah Grace.
    Praying you will be able to hold her soon. I too, remember Andrew being whisked off to the NICU with only a quick peek at him & a kiss on his forhead (I will be forever grateful for the technician insisting the nurse bring my baby close enough for a kiss.) I am so happy for you ~ another daughter. =)

  5. Congrats! I hope you get to cuddle her soon!!!


  6. I'm so happy for you, Amy! I just prayed for your little Hannah.

  7. Congratulations and welcome Hannah Grace. We, too, have had to have baby in one place and mom in another. Praying you will be reunited soon.




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