Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheerful Endurance

This morning I decided to read some specific verses pertaining to loving people. I pulled up e'sword and looked at nearly every word in each verse in the Greek. I have always thought of patience as "enduring difficult times"...being a "good" soldier. Today I was surprised to find out that sometimes when the word patience is used...the Greek definition listed "cheerful endurance".

I will be very open with everyone, (including myself) I have one child that is more trying than the others. He is very determined...and will sometimes choose his own way knowing what the consequences will be. At times I feel like I am "enduring" raising him. I know he has strengths, and that the Lord has a plan for his determination...but as a child, he is just very difficult to rear.

I was also reading ICorinthians 13 along with the other verses. I had read these many, many times. I have been taught these verses and their meaning many times as well. I noticed the words "long-suffering" and "patience".

I know I am not a cheerful endurer. I am not patient with others shortcomings. If something is wrong, and it is pointed out...make it right...period. Plain and simple. I should realize however, that "making things right" does not always come easy. Not for an adult or a child. The flesh is real and strong...people, including my children, have battles to fight that I cannot fight for them. They must choose to do right.

My heart was convicted realizing that I may be one person who will "cheerfully endure" my childrens shortcomings. I need to believe in them, in their weaknesses. I need to not give up on them...when they purposefully disobey time and time again. It grieves me so...and all I want is for them to just do right. When they choose to do wrong...I am not patient as I should be. If I am not patient with them, who will be? Where will they "feel" loved unconditionally...if not from their own mother.

May the Lord help me, to grow. He has "pointed" this out to me, and I want to make it right...plain and simple.


  1. Thank you, sweet Amy, for your transparency and honesty. I, too, have one child that is just as you described. I beg God for wisdom and patience for rearing this child more than all others combined. You were an encouragement to me to day.

    I love you!

  2. By the way, I just realized I selected the same blog decoration as you!~They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope you feel flattered! ;)

  3. What a wonderful mom you are already stating that you need to learn this one thing...
    As I grow older I have seen time and time again
    the beauty of encouragement and prayer for a you said. Their determination may help them someday fight an illness of a loved one; help in a foreign land; bring many a troubled youth back home...With this childs wonderful parents (as you are) and the help of others God will bring along this childs path this life will turn into gold! lv-nm

  4. enjoyed reading your post Amy!



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