Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new kind of Courage

There are many things in my life that I enjoy doing. One thing I really love, is to simple sit with someone, or talk to them on the phone, and encourage them in some way. For me to share my heart with someone who is hurting or struggling, and to give them a new perspective on a problem they are facing...there is nothing like it to me. Often these times are spontaneous, and unexpected by me! I walk away from these times, awed and amazed that I had ANYTHING to say, that could help someone who was hurting. Praise the Lord, for His word. For teaching me through so many times in my life, that He is able...that He is trustworthy...that His word will change lives, give hope, and heal broken hearts.

I have always been very cautious to not offer my opinion when someone is talking to me. At least I think I try to be. I'm sure there are times, when I have wounded someone, by hastily offering words that I thought would "help"...but actually they didn't. Because of this, I do not look for ways to encourage those who are hurting. I want to help people, but the fear of saying the wrong thing oftentimes keeps me silent.

I was caught off gaurd in my praying today. I was praying for a lady, that had opened up to me this week about some heartache. I asked God to give me courage to encourage those who are discouraged. When I said it, I stopped and thought to myself, "Hmmm, I think I'll remember that!" In my heart I long to help those who are hurting. I want to take my own past hurts and mistakes, and give hope to those surrounded by what seems to be insurmountable odds. I know God is able. May I have to courage I encourage the discouraged.


  1. Dear Amy, What a great thought...I am so glad you shared it. I love your blog.....but more than that, I love you! Have a great day, "Miss Nez"

  2. Hello Amy, I accidently left a comment for you
    on my blog. ha I love the blue and white "set" you talked about. Your menu sounds so delicious.
    I love your article you wrote today. You and i think alike. I am sorry I missed you speaking yesterday. I know it was wonderful.
    Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!lv-mrs.m.



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