Monday, June 28, 2010

Living the life

Missionary kids. MK'S. Kids growing up in a foreign land, with no familiar faces. Kids who stand out from all other kids their age. They are a different color, speak different...look different. And how do these children cope? What do they do for fun? How do they adjust to another culture? I've had mothers ask me, "Aren't you afraid for your children? I mean they will grow up outside
of America?" Here is my answer...

Here is Joey, creative king of our house. He gathered some palm leaves and set them up (somehow) then borrowed a couple of clothes pins off of the line, hung up a blanket...and here he is, in his space ship heading for another adventure.

The safest place for anyone is in the center of God's will. I am not afraid for my children. Yes, there are scary things that happen here. There are murders, drug trafficing, corrupt police, child abuse, just like any other country, including America.

My children belong to God. They are missionary kids second to being Gods kids. I've read a poem before entitled "Children live what they learn". My children have lived and learned creativity!

When we were in Jamiaca for 4 months we didn't have many toys for their age. On the trip down we had to load the suitcases with school books along with clothing for the entire family. Each child had one backpack for some toys, books and crayons. While we were there, I began showing them how to make things out of cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, and cardboard of any kind. Soon we had piles of homemade gadgets and gizmos all over the house. I finally had to say, "Ok boys, no more for a while, we have too much!" Where we live here, there is a huge woodpile and the children are allowed to use any of the wood that has been discarded. Here, Joey has made a monitor for his computer. The keyboard is just a piece of cardboard...and away he goes!!

Missionary kids don't have it rough. They have a great life. Yes, they live in another culture, but they see firsthand the power of an almighty God. The power of a changed life. They also grow up making their own fun. What a life!! They chase lizards, rescue birds, watch eggs hatch in the bushes outside of our house...make forts out of palm leaves, guns out of wood pieces, they are living life! Wow! How awesome is THAT?!!

Unfortunately all good things must end, and so it goes for the spaceship. The boys went inside after a rain, and when they moved the blanket back, a tarantula crawled out! It was bigger than my hand. The boys decided it would no longer be ok to play in a tarantula hide out, so they tore the fort apart. They now have relocated the fort to another place.

Missionary doesn't get any better than this! WHAT A LIFE!


  1. Love to read your post Amy and AMEN!!You are one amazing Lady and I thank the Lord for allowing our paths to cross. You've been an encouragement to me. Paula

  2. Amen! Great post! I'm so glad that Christa did a lot of her growing up on the mission field. Don't regret a moment!

  3. I love it! The creativeness and fun for your children is like none other...As my mother went to heaven a week ago I can remember making home made Valentines; playing fort outside; cooking beside her in the kitchen; and pretending library
    and other childhood fun.......Home is where your are! What a blessing you are to so many....

    love, nancy

  4. Stopping by ...was thinking and praying for you
    today...Praying everything is well.....
    Take care my friend,
    love, nancy

  5. That's a great attitude to have; your children does belong to God and he loves them more than you do and has the best plans for their lives no matter what country they are.



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