Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watering the bed

There are some things you do on a regular basis on the mission field that you never dreamed of doing. Last night before Elliana went to bed, I had to water her bed. Yep! I had to water her bed.

When we first moved down to Belize, it was the end of rainy season, and the beginning of a dry season and the bugs were plenteous. The poor little child had bug bites all over her. I would spray her down with "OFF!" right before bed, (which really is not a pleasant smell or feeling to sleep with). All the ants, mosquitos and flying things (with pinchers) just loved her fat little legs. In the morning I would check her out, put tea tree oil on all the bites, and change her bedding...AGAIN. Before nap time, I would check her bed again, put her down and after nap it was another routine of checking for bites, applying something to them...changing bedding or shaking it out...not fun, but necessary.

One of the Belizeans told me I should put the legs of the bed in bowls of water, so no bugs can get to her bed. Hmmmm....never thought about it before, but it should work! So I found some yogurt bowls and butter bowls, lifted up the crib and set it down into the bowls. Then I added water. It was interesting to see the next day what TRIED to get into her bed, but was drowned by the water instead.

So now, each day I check the water level, to see if more water is needed to keep the crawling bugs away. Last night I filled a pitcher and went to Ellie's room to water her bed.

The older I get the more I realize how every situation in my life usually has some spiritual application. Our trials are to make us stronger so there must be something to learn from them.

There is a verse in Ephesians that speaks of "washing of water by the word". The verse is referring to Christ and the church...but I think it might apply to my "watering the bed".

Without the "Water of the Word" in our lives, so many "bugs" just creep in. We may not even see them coming, but still they are there. They take over our hearts desires, and bite and devour our usefulness for God. Before we know it, we're covered with scars due to our lack of using the "Water of the Word" to protect us. Yet, if each day we water our souls with the Word of God, and we live in His will...we can live victorious over temptation and avoid the scars of sin. We can rest peacefully knowing that although the "bugs" are there, they cannot reach us.

Each day as I check the water in those little butter bowls...I also need to ask myself if there are things creeping into my life, that need to be washed away. How much water have I added to my soul?


  1. Love how your mind works! Totally enjoyed this post.

  2. Isn't it amazing what we learn on the mission field?!! What a great insight about the way the Word works in our lives. Praying for you all. Kelly

  3. Wow....what a fantastic missionary story!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Amy,

    What a story indeed! I am glad you take these days and learn and "teach" lessons from God...
    What wisdom my friend,
    Praying for, nancy

  5. Watering a bed, who knew?! :) What great thoughts, Amy!!!

  6. I'm so glad you found something to help! Would have never thought of that. Awesome thoughts.

  7. When I was a kid we lived in Ecuador, and the bugs just ate us up, until the Indians told my mom to put eucalyptus branches in and under our beds. She was desperate, so she tried it, and whaddya was like magic. NO MORE bug bites!!!



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