Friday, November 6, 2009

My sweet Hannah

It's funny how after having children for 10 years, things change. I never have slept with any of my children. I have snuggled them while nursing, and dozed while holding them in my arms...but never have slept with them next to me. At first it was a "new parent" thing. I had heard an opinion, and thought, "WOW, THAT IS SO PROFOUND!" and went whichever way I was this instance, no sleeping with babies. Now that I've been a parent for a few years, I realize...I will not be able to snuggle and doze with them for very long. This infant stage is indeed a very short stage...and I intend to enjoy every moment I can. Hannah has slept with me most nights this week, she is fighting a cough. I place her on her back on a pillow, then I curl up around her and put my arm under the pillow. It is amazing how sweet sleep is with her so close to me. I never knew what I was missing out on all those years and all of those babies. I always said I couldn't sleep soundly while they were in the bed, but if they are in a reclined position, where they are not moving about, it really is nice.

And this is her, my sweet Hannah Grace. It is so nice having a new little one. Isn't she precious?!!?


  1. She is so beautiful ~ and so are you ♥.

  2. She is just lovely! I adore the flower head band!

  3. She looks so precious like her mommy!
    love, nancy

  4. Oh, Amy. Precious with a capital P! She is just a gorgeous baby. And you're a bit ahead of me. I didn't truly sleep with a baby until baby #8. And now with Caleb, who never did sleep well with me, can you understand why I don't mind nursing him in the night even at 15 months? I savor it.

  5. She is just beautiful, Amy! She reminds me so much of Ellie when she was a baby too. Beautiful!!

  6. oh those cheeks! just want to squeeze her - adorable. There must be lots of sweet dreams happening in that bed. sweet!



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